What Is Hamas And Why Did It Attack Israel Now?

Right now, there’s a fight between Israel and a group called Hamas. It started when Hamas surprised Israel with an attack and took some people as hostages. In response, Israel has bombed Gaza and might send soldiers there soon, which is making things more violent in the area.

Hamas has been in charge of Gaza since 2006 and has often attacked Israel with rockets and things that go boom. Israel has hit back really hard and stopped a lot of things from going in and out of Gaza. This has made life really tough for the people in Gaza. On Monday, Israel completely closed off Gaza, and they won’t let in things like electricity, food, or fuel. They also said very mean things about Hamas fighters.

So, in simple words, there’s a big fight between Israel and Hamas, and it’s causing a lot of problems for the people who live in Gaza.

In this article we will dive in detail, What is Hamas and Why did it attack Israel now.

What is Hamas?

Hamas is a group which controls the Gaza Strip. In the Gaza Strip many people live. It started in 1987 when Palestinians were unhappy with Israel being in charge of Gaza and the West Bank. A religious leader named Sheikh Ahmed Yassin started it. They also have a military branch called the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, which began around 1991.

Hamas is a group that wants to use force against Israel and hopes to make a Palestinian country with Jerusalem as its main city. They want this country to have the borders it had before the Six-Day War in 1967 when Israel took control of the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai Peninsula, and the Golan Heights. This war led to many Palestinians having to leave their homes.

In 1997, the United States said that Hamas is a terrorist group. Hamas has done things like using explosives, rockets, suicide bombings, and kidnappings to hurt Israel.

In 2006, Hamas won elections in Gaza, defeating Fatah, the main Palestinian group that controls the West Bank.

The leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, lives in Qatar, a country that helps Hamas, and they also get support from Iran.

Israel has tried to harm Hamas leaders in the past. In 1997, Khaled Meshal, a high-ranking Hamas official, survived an attempt on his life. Israel’s secret service, Mossad, poisoned him in Amman, Jordan. Meshal was saved because Jordan caught the Israeli agents, and President Bill Clinton asked Israel to provide the antidote to save his life.

In 2004, Israel killed Yassin and another founding member of Hamas, Abdel Aziz Rantisi. They also killed Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari in November 2012. What Is Hamas And Why Did It Attack Israel.

Why did Hamas attack Israel now?

Hamas surprised Israel with their recent attack, but this came after a long time of increasing problems. The problems started because of violence at a very important Muslim holy place called al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Also, Israel’s strict control and restrictions on Palestinians have made things worse. In addition, some people with very strong Jewish beliefs and leaders of Israeli settlements have become more important in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, which has made tensions even higher.

In May 2021, things got really bad when Palestinian families were forced to leave their homes in a neighborhood in Jerusalem. This caused fights between people protesting and Israeli forces. In response, Hamas fired rockets at Israeli cities.

Before the surprise attack happened, there were more fights between Israeli forces and Palestinians, especially in the West Bank. From January to September, 227 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces or people living in Israeli settlements. This is more than the number of deaths in all of 2022, according to the United Nations. Before the recent violence, at least 29 Israelis were killed in these clashes.

In the time leading up to the unexpected attack, there were more and more conflicts between Israeli forces and Palestinians, especially in the West Bank. Between January and September, 227 Palestinians lost their lives either because of Israeli forces or settlers. This is more than the total number of deaths in all of 2022, as reported by the United Nations. Before the recent violence started, at least 29 Israelis had also been killed in these confrontations.

In April, during the special month of Ramadan for Muslims, Israeli forces went into al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. They used force against people who were there to pray, including women and older folks. Al-Aqsa Mosque is a very important place for Muslims, it’s the third-holiest site in Islam. They believe it’s where the prophet Muhammad went up to heaven.

It’s important to mention that al-Aqsa Mosque is also the most sacred place in Judaism, called the Temple Mount by Jews. Both Jews and Muslims believe it’s where Abraham offered to sacrifice his son, so it’s a very special and holy place for both of these religions.

In May, there was a five-day fight between Israel and another Palestinian group called Islamic Jihad. This resulted in the deaths of at least 33 people in Gaza and two in Israel.

During the summer, there were also fights between Palestinian fighters in the West Bank and Israeli forces or Jewish settlers. In June, two gunmen from Hamas shot and killed four Israelis at a restaurant near an Israeli settlement.

Not long after that, Israel sent around 1,000 soldiers with drones to the city of Jenin in the West Bank. They called it a “counterterrorism” operation. They focused on the Jenin refugee camp, which is a place where many groups with links to Hamas and Islamic Jihad are based.

In September, tensions in Gaza got very high when Israeli agents discovered explosives hidden in a shipment of jeans and stopped all exports from Gaza. In reaction, Hamas conducted military exercises, including practicing launching rockets. They also allow Palestinians to protest at the border fence that separates Israel from Gaza. What Is Hamas And Why Did It Attack Israel.

How is Hezbollah involved?

On a recent Sunday, Hezbollah, a militant group in Lebanon that’s also involved in politics, claimed it attacked Israeli targets in a disputed area called Shebaa Farms, which is on the border. They said they did this to show their support for Hamas. In response, Israel took action. While Hezbollah didn’t say they were officially joining the conflict, their message of support makes it more likely that the situation could escalate into a larger conflict in the region.

Hezbollah is often considered a more serious threat to Israel than Hamas because they have better weapons and stronger connections with Iran.

At a gathering in Beirut, a top official from Hezbollah named Hashem Safieddine expressed strong support for Hamas. He said they stand together with all their hearts, minds, and weapons. This shows that Hezbollah is firmly on the side of Hamas.

In recent years, some Palestinian groups have used parts of Lebanon to attack Israel. However, Hezbollah had been careful not to make things worse and mostly aimed their actions at empty areas. But recent events, including clashes and public statements, suggest that Hezbollah is now getting more involved.

Israel has also asked the United States to work together and share information about the southern part of Lebanon, according to reports from officials. Hope you will find all in about What Is Hamas And Why Did It Attack Israel in This article. If you want to know more info about What Is Hamas And Why Did It Attack Israel, kindly comment us in below.

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