Hamas Attack Staggering Failed For Israel’s Security Forces And Intelligence

Criticism is mounting against Israel’s intelligence and security services for not being able to predict the large-scale attack launched by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, on Saturday.

Reports indicate that around 1,000 militants conducted a significant and unprecedented attack on both civilian and military targets inside Israel.

Israeli media reports that at least 700 Israelis lost their lives, and over 2,100 were injured in the attack. In response, Israel carried out airstrikes on targets in the Gaza Strip, resulting in over 400 Palestinians killed and more than 2,300 injured.

Unfortunately, the death toll is expected to rise as the conflict continues.

Bruce Hoffman, a senior fellow specializing in counterterrorism and homeland security at the Council on Foreign Relations, remarked, “No intelligence agency is infallible, but this failure is staggering. It’s truly astonishing that such an event could occur.”

Israel has long been proud of its advanced border fence and underground wall near Gaza. However, on Saturday, Hamas fighters managed to breach the border fence in at least one place using explosives and heavy equipment, as seen in videos from the scene. The militants also carried out an operation on the Mediterranean Sea and even used paragliders to reach about two dozen locations in Israel.

In addition, the militant group launched thousands of rockets, surprising Israel’s usually very effective intelligence agencies and surveillance systems. Israel is known to have extensive listening capabilities for phone calls in Gaza and a large number of informants there.

Regarding these surprises, Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces, said on CNN, “We were surprised this morning. At this moment, I’d rather not discuss failures. We’re currently in the midst of a war, and our focus is on the battle ahead,” expressed.

Hamas Attack Staggering Failed. Former Israeli National Security Advisor Eyal Hulata remarked, when speaking to Reuters, “The enemy has been plotting this for an extended period. Undoubtedly, this is a meticulously orchestrated assault, and unfortunately, they caught us off guard tactically, leading to substantial damage. Hamas Attack Staggering Failed.

The Israeli intelligence apparatus was preoccupied with other matters.

The Israeli intelligence services were focused on other matters. In recent months, much of the attention of the Israel Defense Forces was on the West Bank, where groups of young Palestinian men were taking action against Israeli control.

The West Bank was consuming their attention,” said Hoffman, who has been studying Israeli-Palestinian relations for the past 40 years. Israeli officials were also preoccupied with tensions around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the holiest Muslim site in Jerusalem, which is also sacred to Jews as the Temple Mount. This became a bigger concern after Israeli police conducted raids on worshipers back in April.

At Home, Israel Faced Internal Division While Celebrating a Holiday

The country has become more divided with lots of political problems at home. Back in July, Israel’s parliament made a decision that judges couldn’t reject government choices just because they thought they were “unreasonable.”

These changes to the legal system, which were pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government, made a lot of people really upset, and they started big protests. Some of Israel’s reserve soldiers also didn’t want to go to duty recently, but they all did report for duty during this crisis. Hoffman said it’s not surprising that Hamas decided to attack during a time when things were already divided. Hamas Attack Staggering Failed.

They attack when they find a chance,” Hoffman explained. “They find a moment when their enemy might be distracted or focused on other problems.

This attack also happened during the Jewish Sabbath and early on the Simchat Torah holiday. Israeli soldiers guarding the border wrote on social media that militants took over their base and killed some soldiers. There were fewer soldiers on duty because it was a Jewish holiday.

In Gaza, the Israeli military did not anticipate a ground assault

Hamas mainly attacked Israel by firing rockets. Because of this, the Israeli forces near Gaza were not prepared for a ground attack, according to Hoffman.

They were not ready for a battle. “I believe there was a feeling that everything was calm on the Gaza border.”

He added that this should have raised suspicion and concern. However, Hoffman also said that the scale and complexity of the attack were beyond imagination and overwhelming.

Hoffman, who described Israel’s intelligence as being second-best only to the U.S., noted that Hamas’ combination of air, land, and sea attacks was “unprecedented” for terrorist groups in recent history. Both Israel and the U.S. have labeled Hamas, the group that controls the Gaza Strip, as a terrorist organization.

“I can’t remember any other time when a group was able to bring all of these together and carry out a simultaneous, coordinated attack using all three methods,” he remarked.

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