Game Space Voice Changer Apk, 2023

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NameGame Space Voice Changer APK
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+
Last Version5.5.0_space
Size59.06 Mb
Last UpdatedSep 7, 2023
Get it OnPlay Store
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About Game Space Voice Changer

Game Space Voice Changer APK for Oppo is an app made by OScolor for gamers using Android devices. It helps organize mobile games and makes gaming even better.

This app lets you free up space on your device, giving you room for more games without making your phone slow.

Moreover, downloading Game Space Voice Changer APK allows you to modify your voice while playing games online. This way, you can control the gameplay smoothly.

What is Game Space Voice Changer APK?

Game Space Voice Changer APK is an amazing application that can modify a person’s voice to sound like a male, female, child, robot or even a ghostly entity.

The skilled software developers at Realme created this innovative program. If you’re an avid Android gamer, you’ve probably heard about this app that’s making waves in the gaming community.

Aside from allowing gamers to personalize their features and expand their device’s storage, this app has a unique function that blocks unwanted notifications during gameplay.

It helps gamers focus solely on their game by preventing distractions from notifications like text messages and incoming calls. The app automatically blocks these notifications as soon as the game starts, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

After finishing the game, all missed notifications are displayed, so gamers don’t miss any important messages or calls. This feature is especially valuable for those who want to stay connected without interruptions while playing.

Features of Game Space Voice Changer APK

Game Space Voice Changer APK comes with a range of useful features:

Pitch Changer:

This feature lets users adjust the pitch of their voice, making it higher or lower. It’s great for mimicking different genders or ages. The app offers a pitch range from -10 to +10 semitones.

Formant Shifter:

The formant shifter adjusts the formant frequencies of the voice, giving vowels their distinct tones. Shifting these frequencies can create vocal effects like sounding giant or like a chipmunk.


There’s a built-in equalizer that allows users to fine-tune the frequencies of their voice. Boosting or cutting specific frequencies can help achieve the desired vocal effects.

Background Noise Reduction:

This feature helps reduce background noise, getting rid of ambient sounds to ensure the vocal effects are clear and pronounced. It enhances the overall quality of the voice effects.

Voice Recorder:

Users can record their modified voice directly within the app and save it to their device’s storage.

Multiple Voice Effects:

The app allows users to blend and layer various voice-changing effects for distinctive vocal alterations. You can use two effects simultaneously.

Keypad Lock:

This function prevents accidental changes to settings during gameplay, ensuring a seamless experience while altering your voice.

Voice Activator:

Effects are activated only while the user is speaking, optimizing resources and preventing unwanted sound alterations.

Lightweight App:

Game Space Voice Changer APK has been designed with efficiency in mind, resulting in a small download size and minimal storage usage.

Easy to Use:

The app features an intuitive interface, making it easy for users, even those using it for the first time, to quickly grasp and utilize the voice-changing capabilities.

Battery Saver:

The app efficiently manages battery usage during gaming by stopping unnecessary background processes, allowing you to save battery and optimize device performance. It also lets you configure settings to prevent abrupt battery drain.

Game Information:

It provides comprehensive details about the games you have installed, making it easier to manage and organize your apps effectively.

Voice Changer:

You can modify your voice while interacting with others during online gaming, aiding in smooth gameplay progression and adding fun to your interactions.

Customized Sounds:

Set distinct sounds for each game, notifying you when you receive messages or notifications from a specific game.

User-Friendly Interface:

The app has a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible for all users without requiring any specialized skills.

Notification Management:

Manage your calls, messages, and notifications effectively to prevent interruptions during gameplay.

Audio Settings:

Easily switch between headphones and speakers while playing online games, and monitor your battery status for efficient power management.

Signal Strength Display:

Keep an eye on your phone’s signal strength directly from the notification bar, helping you understand app data usage without opening the app itself.

Highly Dynamic Modes 

1. Balanced Mode:

This mode provides an ideal balance between performance and noise cancellation. It ensures a smooth experience while managing power consumption effectively.

2. Low Power Consumption Mode:

Opt for this mode to significantly reduce your device’s power usage, extending its battery life and enhancing overall performance and responsiveness.

3. Competitive Mode:

Choose this mode for an intense gaming session by boosting frame rates and eliminating distractions, resulting in a more immersive and responsive gaming experience.

4. Performance Mode:

Tailor your gaming device’s performance with various settings available in this mode, allowing you to optimize your gaming experience based on your preferences or create your custom mode.

5. Noise Cancellation Mode:

Activate this mode to swiftly eliminate any unwanted background noise, providing a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience without interruptions.

Game Space Voice Changer APK Download

Are You an Android Gamer? Have You Heard About This App That Has Made Waves in Gaming Community? If you are chances are good you have come across this one that has recently made headlines in gaming world.

Not only can gamers utilize this app to customize their features and expand storage capacity, but it also features an exclusive function which blocks unwanted notifications during gameplay.

Introducing Game Space Voice Changer APK, an Android app that lets users modify their accents. This app holds significant potential in the gaming world as gamers often seek ways to change their voices.

For avid gamers, this tool is a delight. It not only lets users tweak their voice but also safeguards their privacy.

Furthermore, it’s a fun tool to play pranks on friends, colleagues, partners, or just about anyone.

So, go ahead and get the Game Space Voice Changer APK now. It’s loaded with exciting features, promising entertainment for almost everyone.

What are you waiting for? Download Game Space Voice Changer APK right away!

How to Download and Install Game Space Voice Changer APK

  • First, you have to get the Game Space Voice Changer APK by clicking on the download button.
  • Once it’s downloaded, you need to install it on your device.
  • After the installation is complete, simply open it up and have fun using it!

Final Words

Game Space Voice Changer APK is a mobile app that adds exciting features to games. It lets gamers avoid interruptions from notifications and calls.

If you have trouble getting Game Space Voice Changer APK, just let us know in the comments, and we’ll help you out.

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Does Game Space have a voice changer?

Yes, Game Space comes with a voice changer.

How can I change my voice while playing a game?

Use Game Space Voice Changer APK to alter your voice while playing a game.

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