Exploring the Air Up Water Bottle 2023

AIR UP water bottle is the hydration device that deliver smell at us. Water bottle is like the other bottles there is depression around the hole from where water comes out. This is here around the spout that we snap in ring-shaped pods infuse with the fruity scents.

Then when we take a sip we can also take sniff. These sensations of tastes and smells are comingled enough to trick with our brain in to thinking that we are sipping fruity flavored water even through the scents that never have flavor inside this water.

We can easily recreate the Air Up experience by sipping water while huffing. A lemon scent glade plug in.

Recreating the Air Up Experience

If we have seen air up bottle on media we may already know that it is a water bottle and
when we take a sip the flavored air bubbles travel through our mouth to our nose where our brain
interprets it as a flavor.

Consumer Feedback on Air Up Technology

We have asked 12 consumers try the bottle and give feedback on it and tell us how the Air Up
technology worked, and what they thought about the flavors and the system caused them to increase the intake and they thought Air Up is just a fad.

If we have keeping up our peloton routine we might have spouted a recent work out. Sipping on a
mysterious pink water bottle with words ‘’Air Up’’ on the side. In this case we were wondering( we were certainly), the water bottle and the question is AIR UP. This is a new category of water bottle which have plain flavor water using and wait for it scent it is a concept, to say the least.

As someone who definitely needs to drink more water. We have tried all the tricks in hydration book. We add lemon we have squeezed in flavors droplets and we have toted countless bottles around with us just like as the third limb.

The Interplay of Taste and Smell

Taste and smell is connected that the research in our lab suggest that we are making mistake thinking of about two systems.

Using Air Up: The Process Unveiled

Air up is easy to play with the connection. We load the air up like so pour regular unflavored water in to bottle. Then we will attach silicone lid with straw threaded through middle and circular indent running around straw. When we drink through the straw. The flavorless water is supplemented by the smell which hitting our nose, tricking our brain in to tasting, that the flavor we are smelling.

This is the idea anyways

That is preciously we were down to try The Air Up bottle’s has some activating powers. Could the scent, flavor or the intrigue motivate us to takes more sips and become a hydration girly?

What Is In The Flavor pods?

According to the Air Up water bottle is the flavors which are present in the pods these are made from natural flavors, extracted from plants and fruits and spices also. The company noted that specific details about that are related to the Air Up’s.

There are currently 14 to 15 flavors of Air Up water bottle on the brand ranging from apple to basil
lemon to the orange and vanilla. Scent are available in too many varieties of packs lets we have to try
most popular five flavors which we can purchase in three packs of our favorite scent.

In the test, no flavor was standout unanimous our tester says that smell wise we are enjoyed the
watermelon pods very much as we love watermelon flavored drinks. We think the raspberry lemon was the strongest. Another said the cherry scent was the worst to us -it reminded us so much of the artificial cherry flavoring some kids’ medicine.

How much long air up pods last?

The company recently claims that each pod works for about 1.4 gallons of water .Air Up also
recommended that we can check the best before date on each pods since the scent fade over time and it is best when it is fresh make sure to keep pods inside the packing as they cannot be clean and should be opened only for being placed in our water bottle.

We also find that our water tested each flavor pod? The short answer is yes. We are particularly
impressed with the mango fruit drink pods and the juicy flavor we think that orange vanilla tested

Additional Lab Tester Note:

He found that the plastic air up bottle to be lightweight, but the stainless steel version is on heavy side.

Is The Air Up Water Bottle Worth it?

Air Up Water Bottle is very ideal for consumers who enjoy the flavored water and finds that they were
drink more water if it is flavored.

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