Dinosaur Game T-Rex

The Dinosaur T-Rex Game serves as a reproduction of the concealed Chrome browser game that surfaces when there is no internet connection. To commence the game, press the “spacebar” key. Guide the dinosaur to jump by utilizing the “space bar” or the “up arrow” key, and prompt it to duck using the “down arrow” key.


Every internet user has encountered a loss of internet connectivity at least once. This can occur due to various reasons, such as issues in the cellular network or a damaged internet cable. Regardless of the cause, Google Chrome users are familiar with the Dino game, which replaces the usual error page when there is no internet connection. Notably, this game can be enjoyed even without an internet connection.

Although the game is a simple runner integrated into the Google Chrome browser. The developers deserve appreciation for its design. The distinctive monochrome graphics and straightforward gameplay contribute to its popularity, garnering a substantial fan base worldwide since its launch.

The game features a classic dinosaur as the main character specifically a Tyrannosaurus rex, a carnivorous species from the Cretaceous era commonly depicted in movies and books about dinosaurs. In the game, the dinosaur traverses a desert landscape, encountering obstacles like pterodactyls and cacti that players must navigate by jumping or ducking.

As the dinosaur covers more distance, its speed increases, presenting a challenge for even the most casual players to achieve a high score.

For those curious about the origins of the Chrome Dinosaur Game Online, let’s take a brief journey back in time.

History Google Dinosaur Game

The origins of the T-Rex game trace back to September 2014, with its final refinements concluding in December of the same year. These adjustments were tailored to accommodate earlier versions of the Android operating system.

Sebastien Gabriel, a game designer involved in the project, explains that the choice of the T-rex as the central character was a playful nod to “prehistoric times,” a period when high-speed internet was not as prevalent. The decision to feature the T-rex was intentional, and the offline Chrome Dino game (operating without internet) was also dubbed “Project Bolan,” paying homage to Mark Bolan, the renowned singer from the 70s band “T-Rex.”

During the game’s development, there were considerations of incorporating features like Dino growls or kicks. However, these ideas were ultimately discarded to maintain the game’s simplicity and evoke a “prehistoric” vibe.

How to open the T-Rex Chrome Dino Game?

To initiate the game, simply enter chrome://dino/ into the address bar. The game will launch seamlessly, and there’s no requirement to disconnect from the internet; it operates smoothly even while online.

Considering that Chrome serves as the default browser for a significant portion of internet users, our website provides a solution for those using different browsers. Here, you can enjoy the T-Rex Dinosaur Game on any browser and device, be it a desktop computer or your mobile phone.

How to play Chrome Dinosaur Offline Game?

As previously mentioned, the Chrome Dino Game stands as a free, infinite runner game, featuring a T-Rex navigating through various obstacles like cactuses and pterodactyls. The dinosaur automatically starts running upon the player hitting the space key or tapping the dinosaur on a touchscreen for mobile launches.

To navigate past cactuses, players must make the dinosaur jump by pressing the space or up arrow key. Dodging flying pterodactyls requires the player to make the dinosaur duck, achieved by pressing the down arrow key. A collision with any obstacle halts the game and displays the player’s score, with points earned based on the elapsed time.

Survival is the primary objective, with the game’s background transitioning between white and black, representing day and night, as it progresses. In the browser version, the T-Rex Dino runner halts not only upon obstacle collision but also when the internet connection is restored.

Completing the entire game is an unattainable feat, as the developers humorously estimate it would take approximately 17 million years—a nod to the era when Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The game’s escalating speed eventually surpasses human reaction capabilities, making it challenging even for neural networks trained to play the Dino game, as the frame refresh rate struggles to keep pace with the dinosaur’s speed.

Tips and tricks of the T-Rex runner

Cheat codes are available for the standard version of the game enabling players to enhance their scores by implementing features such as a stable low speed or disabling the function that results in a loss upon crashing into an obstacle.

However, to maintain fair competition on our version of the game, cheat codes are not applicable. All the scores displayed on our site are authentic, achieved by players without resorting to cheats.

For those playing the built-in browser version, cheat codes can be utilized by typing the following commands into the input line of the “Console” tab within the developer toolbar, accessible by pressing F12 or Ctrl+Shift+L:

To disable obstacles:


Runner.instance_.gameOver = function(){};

To alter the dinosaur’s speed (replace 100 with your desired number):



These cheat codes are specific to the browser version and should be entered into the developer console for the desired effects.

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