Cumberland Times News Obituaries

Discovering your family history might be a little challenging but you can find important details in the obituaries of Cumberland Times News, a newspaper in Cumberland, Maryland.

These obituary archives are a top resource for discovering your family’s past in Maryland. To make it easier, use our online database instead of searching through old records by hand.

In this blog post we explore their importance and how Cumberland Times News supports memorializing lives across Cumberland communities.


Losing a loved one can be devastatingly hard and emotionally exhausting, yet remembering their lives through obituaries is essential in doing so. We at Cumberland Times News recognize this need and endeavor to honor their memories by publishing these important public announcements of passages in Cumberland Times News editions.

Obituaries Have Importance:

Obituaries have long been an important tradition that informs the community of someone’s passing. More than just an announcement of death, obituaries provide a window into the lives of the departed. Their accomplishments, relationships, passions and contributions to society. Giving family and friends an opportunity to honor and remember loved ones while allowing the wide community a way of paying respects.

Cumberland Times News and Obituaries:

The Cumberland Times News is an important resource in Cumberland area news media, serving as a platform for obituaries that thoughtfully capture the essence of an individual’s life. Their accomplishments, loved ones and lasting memories by informing and celebrating this individual’s memory in our community. This newspaper serves as an effective way of informing our neighbors of a death while honoring and remembering life stories from its readers.

Community Involvement and Support: 

The Cumberland Times News obituaries not only offer a platform for remembrance but also allow the community to come together in times of loss. Readers can express condolences, share memories, and offer support to grieving families through online platforms or by attending memorial services.

Preserving Legacies

Obituaries serve to immortalize an individual’s legacy by documenting their life story for future generations and giving insight into the impact their loved one made in the community. Obituaries become part of family heritage as well as adding a collective memory of a community.

How to Search Cumberland Times-News Obituary Archives

Here are some good reasons to explore the local obituaries in Cumberland Times News:

You can learn more about your family tree.

You might reconnect with distant family members.

Discover interesting stories about your ancestors.

Our online database has many records, giving you access to nearly 150 years of local history. What’s even better is that 95% of the GenealogyBank records you’ll find here can’t be found on other websites.

If you want to find Cumberland Times News obituaries in Maryland to learn about your family history or build your family tree, follow these simple steps:

Step One:  Enter your relative’s last name, and if you know it, their middle name for more accurate results.

Step Two:  Make your search more specific by adding a keyword like a school or a town.

Step Three:  Exclude certain keywords to avoid unrelated obituaries.

Step Four:  Set a year range. This is important because many people may share the same name in almost 150 years of history.

Step Five:  Customize the way results are shown by selecting options like best matches, newest entries, or oldest entries.

These steps will help you find the information you need in the Cumberland Times-News obituary archives.

Here are some practical tips to make it easier for you to find obituaries in the Cumberland Times-News:

Start with Recent Family:

Begin your search by talking to your family members. They might have information about your ancestors that can lead you to older relatives.

Use Initials:

When looking at older Cumberland Times-News obituaries, remember that people often used just the first letters of their names. So, try searching with initials like ‘J. Smith.’

Find Female Relatives:

If you’re trying to locate a woman in your family, check for her husband’s name in the obituaries.

Check for Spelling Mistakes:

Sometimes, obituaries had name spelling errors that weren’t corrected by editors. So, be open to searching with different spellings of names.

By following these practical tips, you can search more effectively and possibly discover relatives you didn’t know about. It’s also a good way to verify information because obituaries aren’t always 100% accurate. Finding Maryland death notices in the Cumberland Times-News can be essential for genealogical research. But first, let’s understand the difference between death notices and obituaries.

While some people use these terms interchangeably, they are actually different. Obituaries tell you about a person, who they were, and their life story. Death notices on the other hand are formal reports of someone’s passing in the local news.

How to Find Maryland Death Notices in the Cumberland Times News

Death notices in the Cumberland Times News typically include details like the person’s name, age, where they lived, their work history and information about the funeral. Since family members often wrote these notices to be quite accurate.

Death notices can provide more information about an ancestor and reveal where they are buried. So, how can you find these local death notices and sift through years of history?

If you want to locate death notices along with Cumberland Times News obituaries follow these tips:

  1. Use Boolean operators and proximity search techniques.
  2. Check multiple collections to cross-verify any records you find.
  3. Connect other family members mentioned in the death notice to confirm sections of your family tree.

The Cumberland Times News records are valuable sources of historical information about local individuals. We’ve made it easy for you to search, discover and share your family’s untold story. Start your journey with Genealogy Bank and begin connecting with your past today.

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