Cumberland Times News Obituaries

Cumberland Times News Obituaries

Discovering your family history might be a little challenging but you can find important details in the obituaries of Cumberland Times News, a newspaper in Cumberland, Maryland. These obituary archives are a top resource for discovering your family’s past in Maryland. To make it easier, use our online database instead of searching through old records … Read more

What Is Hamas And Why Did It Attack Israel Now?

What Is Hamas And Why Did It Attack Israel

Right now, there’s a fight between Israel and a group called Hamas. It started when Hamas surprised Israel with an attack and took some people as hostages. In response, Israel has bombed Gaza and might send soldiers there soon, which is making things more violent in the area. Hamas has been in charge of Gaza … Read more

Hamas Attack Staggering Failed For Israel’s Security Forces And Intelligence

Hamas' attack staggering failed for Israel's security forces and intelligence

Criticism is mounting against Israel’s intelligence and security services for not being able to predict the large-scale attack launched by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, on Saturday. Reports indicate that around 1,000 militants conducted a significant and unprecedented attack on both civilian and military targets inside Israel. Israeli media reports that at least 700 Israelis … Read more

Beloved Dumbledore Actor Michael Gambon died at 82.

Michael Gambon died

Michael Gambon Died in September 27, 2023 (due to pneumonia complications). Michael Gambon is the actor who played Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter has died at the age of 82. His family says he was very sick with pneumonia. Overview Aspect Information Born October 19, 1940 Location Cabra, Dublin, Ireland Died September 27, 2023 (due … Read more

Reality TV Personality Shannon Beador Arrested for DUI 2023

Shannon Beador

Latest news about Shannon Beador Reality TV personality Shannon Beador recently went through a period in her life. While driving in Southern California she encountered issues related to driving under the influence. The Real Housewives of Orange County star was involved in a car crash in Newport Beach that caused her car to crash onto … Read more