20 CBC Kids Games That Will Keep Your Children Entertained!

In today’s world, we use computers and the internet a lot. It’s not easy to find fun and educational things for your kids with so many choices. But CBC Kids Games is a great choice. They have many really fun games that can help your kids learn. Your kids will enjoy playing these games a lot!

What are CBC Games?

CBC Games is a really fun place on the computer where you can play lots of games. It’s made by nice people in Canada who want us to have fun while we learn. The games are chosen by a group called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who are like friendly adults that want to help us learn and have a good time. 

CBC games for everyone, even kids like us. They have all sorts of games like sports, adventures, puzzles and games that teach us new things. It’s a super cool way to have fun and learn at the same time

Top 20 CBC Kids Games: A Quick Overview

CBC Kids Games offer a diverse range of educational and entertaining experiences for young minds. Here’s a quick overview of the top 10 CBC Kids Games that your children will surely enjoy and benefit from:

1. “Math Mansion”

Embark on a math-filled adventure in Math Mansion! This game makes learning math exciting by incorporating mathematical challenges into a captivating storyline. It’s an excellent way for children to enhance their mathematical skills while having a blast.

2. “Word Wizards”

Word Wizards is a word-centric game that enhances vocabulary and language skills. Children can explore a magical world filled with word puzzles and challenges, making learning new words an enjoyable journey.

3. “Science Safari”

Science Safari is an interactive game that takes children on a virtual adventure to explore the wonders of science. With engaging experiments and fascinating facts, it makes learning about science an exciting and immersive experience.

4. “Shapes Showdown”

Shapes Showdown is a game that helps young children learn about different shapes in an interactive and playful way. It’s designed to improve shape recognition skills and spatial understanding through engaging gameplay.

5. “Artistic Avenue”

Artistic Avenue is perfect for budding artists! This creative game allows children to express themselves through art, providing various tools and options to create their masterpieces. It nurtures creativity and imagination.

6. “History Quest”

Step into the shoes of a time traveler in History Quest! This game makes history come alive by integrating historical events into an exciting quest. Children can learn about the past while engaging in an adventurous storyline.

7. “Puzzle Paradise”

Puzzle Paradise is a collection of brain-teasing puzzles that challenge children’s problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. It offers a variety of puzzles, ensuring that children never run out of engaging challenges.

8. “Music Maestro”

Music Maestro introduces children to the world of music by allowing them to experiment with different musical instruments and compositions. It’s a fun and interactive way for kids to appreciate and learn about music.

9. “Alphabet Adventure”

Alphabet Adventure is designed to teach young children the alphabet in an interactive and entertaining manner. Through playful activities, kids can familiarize themselves with letters and their sounds.

10. “Animal Safari”

Take a virtual safari with Animal Safari! This game allows children to learn about various animals, their habitats, and characteristics. It’s an engaging way to introduce kids to the fascinating world of wildlife.

These 10 CBC Kids Games offer a fantastic blend of education and entertainment, making learning an enjoyable adventure for children. Let your kids dive into these games and unlock a world of knowledge and fun!

11. Dino Dana: Dino Dodge

“Dino Dana: Dino Dodge” is an action-packed game that plunges children into the fascinating world of dinosaurs. The game combines adventure with education as players dodge and navigate through a prehistoric landscape, encountering various dinosaurs along the way.

Key Features:

  • Dino Adventures: Embark on thrilling adventures in a visually captivating prehistoric world.
  • Dinosaur Encounters: Encounter different dinosaurs and learn interesting facts about them.
  • Obstacle Dodging: Navigate through obstacles and challenges, enhancing reflexes and quick thinking.

12. Studio K: Dress Up

“Studio K: Dress Up” is a delightful game that allows children to unleash their creativity and fashion sense. Players can style and dress up their characters, exploring different outfits and accessories to create unique looks.

Key Features:

  • Fashion Exploration: Experiment with a wide array of clothing and accessories to design stylish outfits.
  • Creative Expression: Encourage creativity and self-expression through fashion and design.
  • Virtual Dress-Up: Experience the joy of dressing up characters in an interactive and virtual setting.

13. True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Rainbow Rescue

“True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Rainbow Rescue” is an enchanting adventure game based on the popular animated series. Children accompany True as they embark on quests to restore color to the Rainbow Kingdom.

Key Features:

  • Magical Quests: Join True on magical quests to restore color and solve challenges.
  • Problem-Solving: Enhance problem-solving skills by tackling puzzles and obstacles.
  • Rainbow Exploration: Explore the vibrant Rainbow Kingdom, engaging with colorful environments and characters.

These CBC Kids Games, “Dino Dana: Dino Dodge,” “Studio K: Dress Up,” and “True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Rainbow Rescue,” offer engaging and educational experiences for children. From prehistoric adventures to fashion creativity and magical quests, these games cater to diverse interests, providing a fun and enriching gaming environment for young players. Let your children immerse themselves in these exciting worlds and embark on memorable gaming adventures!

14. The Adventures of Napkin Man: Napkin Man Dance Party

“The Adventures of Napkin Man: Napkin Man Dance Party” is an energetic and entertaining game that allows children to join the beloved Napkin Man in a dance extravaganza. Children can groove to the beats, learn new dance moves, and express their creativity in this interactive dance party.

Key Features:

  • Dance Fun: Dance along with Napkin Man and showcase your dance moves.
  • Music and Rhythm: Enjoy lively music and rhythms that energize and engage.
  • Creative Expression: Express yourself through dance and movement, encouraging creativity.

15. Scout and the Gumboot Kids: Nature Detective

“Scout and the Gumboot Kids: Nature Detective” is an educational and nature-themed game that takes children on exciting adventures with Scout and his friends, the Gumboot Kids. This game encourages children to explore nature and learn about the world around them.

Key Features:

  • Nature Exploration: Venture into nature and learn about different plants, animals, and habitats.
  • Observation Skills: Enhance observation skills by solving nature-related puzzles and challenges.
  • Educational and Informative: Learn interesting facts about the environment and wildlife.

16. The Furchester Hotel: Tea Party

“The Furchester Hotel: Tea Party” is a delightful game that brings the charm of a tea party to life. Children can participate in hosting and organizing a whimsical tea party, engaging with beloved characters from The Furchester Hotel.

Key Features:

  • Tea Party Fun: Plan and host a virtual tea party with adorable characters from The Furchester Hotel.
  • Role-Playing: Assume the role of a party host, learning valuable social and organizational skills.
  • Immersive Interaction: Interact with characters, serve tea, and enjoy delightful conversations in a virtual tea party setting.

17. Dot.: Dot’s Story Factory

“Dot.: Dot’s Story Factory” invites children to unleash their creativity and storytelling abilities. Players can immerse themselves in a world of storytelling, where they can write, illustrate, and create their unique stories.

Key Features:

  • Creative Storytelling: Craft and share imaginative stories, fostering creativity and literary skills.
  • Character Customization: Design and customize characters to fit the storyline, encouraging artistic expression.
  • Interactive Adventures: Embark on interactive adventures within the stories, engaging players in the narrative.

18. The Moblees: Move and Groove

“The Moblees: Move and Groove” is a dynamic game that promotes physical activity and movement. Children can participate in exciting challenges, encouraging them to stay active and groove to the beat.

Key Features:

  • Physical Engagement: Engage in fun physical activities and challenges, promoting an active lifestyle.
  • Diverse Challenges: Experience a variety of challenges that enhance coordination, balance, and motor skills.
  • Music and Energy: Groove to lively music, adding an element of enjoyment and excitement to the gameplay.

19. Bookaboo: Rock Puppy

“Bookaboo: Rock Puppy” brings a delightful musical element to the gaming experience. Children can rock out with Bookaboo, the rock and roll puppy, as they enjoy interactive musical adventures.

Key Features:

  • Musical Adventure: Join Bookaboo in a musical journey, incorporating rhythm and melody into the gameplay.
  • Interactive Music: Play musical instruments and engage with the rhythm, enhancing musical appreciation.
  • Entertaining Learning: Combine music and entertainment for an enjoyable and educational experience.

20. The Incredible Adventures of Zobey: Zobey’s Playground

“The Incredible Adventures of Zobey: Zobey’s Playground” offers a playful and imaginative world for young players to explore. Join Zobey and friends in a colorful playground filled with interactive adventures.

Key Features:

  • Playground Exploration: Explore a vibrant and interactive playground, fostering curiosity and exploration.
  • Interactive Challenges: Engage in various challenges and activities, stimulating problem-solving and creativity.
  • Friendship and Cooperation: Learn valuable lessons about friendship and cooperation through interactive gameplay.

These CBC Kids Games, “Dot.: Dot’s Story Factory,” “The Moblees: Move and Groove,” “Bookaboo: Rock Puppy,” and “The Incredible Adventures of Zobey: Zobey’s Playground,” provide an array of exciting and educational experiences. From storytelling and physical activity to music and adventure, these games offer a diverse range of interactive entertainment for children. Let your little ones immerse themselves in these engaging adventures and enjoy hours of delightful gameplay!

How to Play CBC Kids Games

Playing CBC Kids Games is a delightful and educational experience for children. Whether it’s exploring stories, dancing, solving puzzles, or embarking on adventures, CBC Kids Games offer a variety of engaging activities. Here’s a guide on how to play CBC Kids Games:

1. Choosing a Game

  • Begin by selecting a CBC Kids Game that interests you or your child. There are numerous games available, each offering a unique and enjoyable experience.

2. Accessing the Game

  • Visit the CBC Kids website or launch the CBC Kids app on a compatible device such as a tablet, computer, or smartphone.

3. Game Selection

  • You can often browse by categories such as adventure, creativity, puzzles, and more.

4. Game Instructions

  • Once you’ve selected a game, carefully read the game instructions and any introductory information provided. Understanding the game’s objective and rules is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience.

5. Controls and Interactions

  • Familiarize yourself with the controls and interactions required to play the game. This may include using the keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, or other input methods.

6. Gameplay

  • Start playing the game by following the instructions and interacting with the elements on the screen. Engage in the activities or challenges presented within the game.

7. Learning and Fun

  • Many CBC Kids Games are designed to be educational, offering opportunities to learn while playing. Pay attention to the educational elements and enjoy the fun and excitement the game provides.

8. Progress and Achievements

  • As you play, you may progress through levels, earn points, unlock characters, or achieve milestones. Celebrate your progress and accomplishments within the game.

9. Exploration and Creativity

  • For games that encourage creativity or exploration, feel free to experiment and express yourself. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the freedom the game offers.

10. Parental Guidance

  • For younger players, parental guidance and supervision are important to ensure a safe and appropriate gaming experience.

Playing CBC Kids Games is an entertaining and enriching activity that can captivate children’s imaginations while imparting valuable skills and knowledge. Choose a game, follow the instructions, and immerse yourself in a world of fun and learning!


In conclusion, CBC Kids Games offer a remarkable blend of entertainment and education, making them the perfect choice for keeping your children engaged and enriched for hours. With a focus on education, a diverse range of age-appropriate games, a safe and child-friendly platform, and an emphasis on creativity, CBC Kids Games provide a comprehensive and fulfilling gaming experience for young minds.

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